Joe on CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin

Yesterday afternoon, Joe appeared on CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin to talk about the campaign and the disastrous Trump presidency. Watch the clip here:

Here are some quotes from Joe:

On why more Republicans haven't challenged Donald Trump:

"They're afraid and they think Trump will be gone in a year. A lot of my former Republican colleagues want him to lose in 2020. They want Trump gone. They want the stench and the problem that Trump is gone. And they've made a bet that he's going to be gone in a year or so...

...I don't think he's going anywhere. I think he's going to lose in the primary or the general, but he's not going to go away. He'll grab Sean Hannity by whatever body part you want to grab Sean Hannity by, and he'll groom his voters. That's why I think a lot of my colleagues are really mistaken thinking they can wait for the storm to grow."

On the impeachment process:

"My fellow republicans — former colleagues — this is like a joke. It's just like they want to get it over with. They don't care about the Constitution. They don't even care about the gravity of this moment, they just want it done."

On what Trump's legacy will be:

"The destruction of the truth, plain and simple. Almost every word out of his mouth is a lie. I don't care what your politics are, that should bother all of us, he's destroyed the truth."