On the Issues

I’m a Conservative running for the Republican nomination for president because I love this country and I think we’ve gone way too far off-track. This is the hardest decision I’ve ever made, and the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and it’s only by connecting with brave Americans like you that we can take our country back. 

You already know I think Donald Trump is a danger to America, but I also want you to get to know me and where I stand. You can read more about why I believe what I do here. 

I’m a conservative...

...because I believe in the power of the Second Amendment and understand that it is an integral part of our system of government.

What I hate to see is that right being abused by violent people, some who have stated Trump was an inspiration for their violence, to murder Americans who were otherwise going about their daily lives. I hate to hear of another group of people taken from their loved ones, their families, because we refuse to do simple things such as implement universal background checks.

I’m a conservative...

...because I believe in humanity and the value of people.

I was appalled when Obama separated families at the border, and I’m repulsed that Trump has expanded our immigration policy to include inhumanely separating children from their parents and locking people in cages. We effectively have a network of prisons where we lock up people who were drawn to the American dream. We need border security, which Trump has failed to deliver on throughout his presidency, and we’ve allowed our government to put a stain on the legacy of our great nation.

I’m a conservative...

...because I believe people live their best lives when our government is limited and supports American innovation and growth.

We can’t do either of those things when we’re increasing our national debt at the obscene rates we’ve seen under this president. Trump promised during his campaign that he would wipe out the national debt in just eight years, but he’s on track to contribute more than $4 trillion to the national debt. This is not just unacceptable, it’s unsustainable. We need a president who isn’t interested in government largesse, whether for their own personal gain or for their gain of their political supporters.

I’m a conservative...

...because I believe in the benefits of free trade, and I want to see American goods being sold throughout the world, creating jobs here at home.

We should not be putting in tariffs that punish American industries, builders, consumers, and families. Americans are already struggling as it is, we are finally starting to see average families recovering from the effects of the great recession, and our government should not be imposing additional costs that get passed on to them. We’ve seen American factories continue to close under Trump, and basic materials and goods are getting more expensive. Now is not the time to be slamming the brakes on the American economy.

I’m a conservative...

...because I believe in the compassionate power of opportunity, and I want to see a responsible system of public social safety nets that are shielded from abuse and fraud by responsible controls.

People who spend their lives working long shifts shouldn’t have to worry that their lives will fall apart if their company shuts down or if they get laid off. We are all stronger when we are all able to recover from hardships, and we need to ensure any program that is there for us is also well managed so people aren’t able to simply live off of the hard work of others. I hate to see the erosion of our basic safety net programs that should be available when people need them, but I am also concerned about  the risks of backlash where politicians will want to expand them to levels that undermine our national values of individualism and productivity.

I’m a conservative...

...because I believe in the power of people from every walk of life.

Your entire future shouldn’t be determined by what family you’re born into. Economic mobility is the critical element of the American dream, and our public schools are an incredible part of giving every American the opportunity to follow their dreams. The federal government should get out of the states’ way and allow them to innovate in education without suffocating mandates that erode the joy of teaching or learning.