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Joe Walsh Speaks at MediaPost’s Marketing Politics Conference

Joe's appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher

Joe Walsh on The Lead With Jake Tapper

President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial has begun, following shocking revelations by Giuliani associate Lev Parnas regarding the bribery of a foreign power to meddle in American elections. Joe joined Jake Tapper to talk about these new developments and our campaign.

Joe on Cail And Company (WPLS 107.7 FM in Manchester, NH)

United Press International: Candidate challenging Trump in 2020 race protests at RNC HQ

Joe Walsh, a former Republican congressman hoping to challenge President for the GOP nomination, showed up at the Republican Party's Washington, D.C., headquarters Thursday to complain about what he says is a "rigged" process.

The Huffington Post: Already Shut Out Of GOP Primaries, Joe Walsh Gets Shut Out At The RNC, Too

Joe Walsh has already been shut out of a dozen upcoming Republican primaries in his 2020 challenge to President Donald Trump, and on Thursday he found a closed door at the national party’s headquarters as well.

“Right now, this party, my party, is disenfranchising millions of Republican voters all over the country,” he said, standing in front of the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington and across the street from the Cannon House Office Building, where he once had an office.