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Bill Kristol: Wealthy donors should be spending big bucks funding Bill Weld and Joe Walsh

Back in 2016, Vox called National Review’s David French “the random dude off the street that Bill Kristol decided will save America from Trump.” Vox was overstating things a bit — French was mostly unknown but still not a random dude — but French ended up not running. Instead, Evan McMullin emerged to challenge Donald Trump, and we all know how that turned out.

In 2020, Kristol is putting his support behind Joe Walsh, though we suspect any Never Trumper will do, and he’s highlighted a piece in the Washington Post mostly explaining who Bill Weld is (although Walsh gets a mention in this paragraph):

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The Economist asks: What’s the future of the Republican party?

Ahead of the 2020 American presidential election, John Prideaux, The Economist's US editor, talks to Bill Weld, Joe Walsh, and Mark Sanford. While Donald Trump enjoys near 90% approval ratings among his party, can anyone challenge him for the Republican presidential nomination? And how has he changed what it means... to be a Republican?

Newsweek: Trump GOP Challenger Says Republican Voters Tell Him 'They're Tired' of President and 'Sick of His Lies'

Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh said that voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and other states have expressed frustration with President Donald Trump and are "sick of his lies."

Happy Thanksgiving from Joe and Helene!

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