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Joe on NECN Boston's Primary Source

International Business Times: GOP Candidate Slams Trump On Iran: 'He Doesn't Read, Doesn't Think, Doesn't Understand'

Former Tea Party congressman from Illinois Joe Walsh is a rare Republican that never shies from attacking Trump and his misdeeds. He's also one of only three Republicans with the guts to challenge Trump as the GOP presidential nominee in 2020. Walsh's gutsiness goes well with his 2020 presidential campaign slogan, "Be Brave."

LISTEN: Joe's appearance on New Hampshire Today with Jack Heath

Joe joined Jack Heath to discuss the recent developments in Iran, and to talk about President Trump's reaction to the crisis. Take a listen here:

Joe on CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield

In light of President Trump's reckless actions in Iran followed by his series of alarming tweets indicating that he would commit war crimes, Joe appeared on CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield to respond.

Joe Walsh talks about the issues on WHBF CBS 4 Quad Cities, IA

Joe joined WHBF’s 4 The Record with Jim Niedleman to talk about the issues facing Iowans. Here are some of the clips!

Boston 25 Weekend Morning News: Coffee with Candidates

This weekend, Joe appeared on Boston 25 Weekend Morning News for their "Coffee with Candidates" series!