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Making Waves in Iowa!

The Iowa Caucuses are right around the corner and we're gaining more momentum by the day! Here's some of the coverage of our campaign in the Hawkeye State!

Segment appearing on Local 4 News at 10pm

Segment appearing on FOX 18 News at 9

Walsh defeats Trump Machine in North Carolina

Joe Walsh will be on the North Carolina Presidential Primary ballot as the North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBOE) unanimously confirmed him as a nationally recognized viable candidate today.

Joe on CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin

Yesterday afternoon, Joe appeared on CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin to talk about the campaign and the disastrous Trump presidency. Watch the clip here:

The American Independent: Hawaii becomes 9th state where GOP will rig primary for Trump

Hawaii joins Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, and South Carolina in changing primary rules to help Trump win.

The Hawaii Republican Party announced it will not hold any nominating contest in 2020, the Star Advertiser reported Thursday. Rather than allowing Republicans in the state the opportunity to choose between Trump or another Republican, the Hawaii GOP is preemptively awarding Donald Trump the state's 19 delegates.

The Hawaii Republican Party did not respond to a request for comment. As of Thursday morning, the party's website still listed the "Presidential Preference Caucus" as an important event scheduled for March 10, 2020.

Idaho Press: Joe Walsh files for Idaho presidential primary ballot

On the final day of filing for Idaho’s March 10 presidential primary yesterday, Idaho’s ballot picked up one more Republican (Joe Walsh), one more Constitution Party hopeful (Sheila “Samm” Tittle), and one more Democratic hopeful (Steve Burke), while two Democratic candidates, Kamala Harris and Brian P. Moore, withdrew. That brings the total number of candidates to 17 Democrats, six Republicans, and five from the Constitution Party. You can see the full list online here.

Joe Walsh on CSPAN’s Washington This Week