Walsh Campaign Responds to GAGOP’s Move to Suppress Georgia Voters

Georgia’s Republican Party recognized President Donald Trump’s incredible vulnerabilities and moved to protect him from any challengers and the voice of Republican voters by only allowing him on the primary ballot, according to a release sent today.

“The Republican Party apparatus has effectively become an instrument of despotism, a cult of personality, calcifying around a cancerous criminal who has done little more than manipulate public office for his own personal gain,” said Congressman Joe Walsh, the only lifelong Republican candidate running for President.

“Rather than uphold our values and embrace healthy political debate and discourse, the Georgia Republican Party bosses have chosen to disenfranchise their own voters simply to protect a man who is unfit for office.”

Despite having applications from five candidates, including Walsh, Trump, and Gov. Bill Weld, the GAGOP blocked anyone other than Trump by claiming he was the only one “who ‘unambiguously’ pledged to support the Republican nominee for President,” a commitment Trump himself did not make in 2016.

Georgia is just the latest state where the Republican Party operatives have moved to shield Trump from their own members and voters. Minnesota GOP bosses have only allowed Trump on their ballot, and Kansas, Nevada, South Carolina, Arizona, and Alaska have all cancelled their primaries or caucuses.